Dawn of An Icon

How does a man become an Icon?? How does anyone achieve their goals? What brings you to this Hail Mary pass of finally trying to make it, trying to get a message out.. School doesn't look great. Working for someone isn't working... I know I'm great, everyone is great right. How do you build a house when you only have enough clay to make one brick?

My answer? You make the best of it. You make that brick you form it into the best, smoothest, heaviest brick you've ever saw, and you...

And this is exactly where I am. Where we are. Sitting here with just one brick. And don't get me wrong, it's a beautiful brick, but it's just one. You go on social networks and see people with full houses. Some made of hay, some sticks. But you say to yourself, "If I had the material I'd have a house."

So tell me, how? How do you turn one brick into two, let alone build a house? 

Here's my chance, my offer, my step-out-on-faith. My clay. Here's to my second brick, my third, fourth... Welcome to OUR house.