The Online Entrepreneur.

     In the world of instant gratification and overnight success, the online entrepreneur is the staple of this new, as "Mad Money's" Jim Cramer likes to put it, "stay-at-home" economy. However, this entrepreneur has a cripple when it comes to face to face interactions. Freezing up, getting nervous, and involuntary sweats like the neighborhood's quiet kid coming up to do a presentation in class; this, 'I am the Next Kanye West' on Instagram, but doesn't volunteer in my community attitude starves this new age entrepreneur of capitalizing on the future keynote speeches he or she will have to make. Having to pay for speech writers and coaches at their future 'Ted Talks'.

This typing tycoon glorifies Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg for dropping out, disregarding that he attended the most prestigious school in human history, where the average GPA is a 4.04 on a 4.0 scale currently.

The sultan of the soft-key has the safety net of 'autocorrect' stifling his grammar and speech, limiting the ability of personifying and making his business plan intriguing.

I am the Online Entrepreneur.

     Before grammar checking this blog post it was riddled with misspellings. Everyday I come up with new ways to market my brand and can't carry it out because I'm afraid of what those might say to my face. Be that as it may, I will reinvent and redefine what it means to be an entrepreneur. I will put a face to this "Age of Anonymous" that has been branded to our generation. I will exercise my right of freedom-to-post, in this instant-international society. We are all the online entrepreneur. 

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