Middle Ground.

Compromise. Something we all have to do, and no one wants to do. It's hard to find that perfect fit. Whether it's in relationships, professional or personal, or simply just in life, we must find a compromise. Compromises level the playing field, they divi up the power. Now, because everyone wants power it's very hard to compromise. However, in a world where we must compromise it can get really tricky because both sides may seem like they're taking a bigger hit than the other. It seems like you must come with a bunch of bs just so you can sacrifice with giving up very little. 

Thats why in business and in life we must learn to compromise and find middle ground because in the end you'll have nothing if you don't. Compromise, and once you realize that you can't have everything all at once it'll get a lot easier. And compromise does not mean to stop chasing for what you want; just because you can't have it now doesn't mean that you won't get it later. Continue to strive, obtain, and create better relationships along the way. Continue to create and upgrade the new you