Boss Up

There are employees and then there are bosses. Both admirable in their own right, both mutually acceptable and beneficial for obtaining a certain lifestyle. And even though they run hand and hand in everyday operations, both are very mutually exclusive. 

One thing about a boss is that a boss can't be an employee for too long. A boss may not be able to hold a job, or come home, watch tv, eat dinner, and sleep in that order, repeatedly. When you're a boss there is an itch and a yearn to be more, do more, offer something; and not just any something, something they can call their own. Something to say here, this is what I have to contribute to society, this is my version of this, or I'm creating opportunities for this reason. 

There is always room for improvement, and never a "coast" button when it comes to being a boss. Bosses look to expand who they are as much as they possibly can until the last breath we'll all take. There is no time for complaints or excuses, you're never too young or too old. Bosses own up to their mistakes and capitalize on their triumphs. Bosses strive to be the best they can be spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally, and financially. IN. THAT. ORDER. Because if you aren't spiritually right, you won't be mentally ready to improve yourself physically. Your physical fitness has a direct connection to being emotionally stable. And if your not emotionally stable, there is no way that you can make proper financial decisions. It's sort of a "slippery slope", and if you're a boss, or going through that transition, you know that it's a steep slope indeed.