Why do we want it? Why do we need it? Influence, it drives our choices, our wants our needs. It changes nations, legacies, generations. It started slavery, abolished it, and later, transformed it. 

It’s why we want the things we don’t have, then don’t want them after we get them. Influence changed my life. Drugs, church, the suburbs, it’s my dna and makes me who I am. Influence is who we all are. It weighs more than the dollar, without weighing anything at all. Influence lead the civil rights movement, and carried it all the way to the Black Lives Matter movement.  

Ifluence carried a culture. It created religion then polluted it. 

So why do we give some people more than others? With it we created bondage, but without it we have no freedom. 

Think About that, sometimes the remedy to your problems is what got you there in the first place. 



Influenced by MLK Day 

Background music: A.D. 2000- Erykah Badu