I Will. A Mantra.


  1. I will be successful. 
  2. I will not let my past hinder me from my future.  
  3. I will reach my goals, and obtain the things I want.  
  4. I will continue to seek righteousness.  
  5. I will not let anyone stop me.  
  6. I will graduate.  
  7. I will be a better writer.  
  8. I will be stronger.
  9. I will be smarter/wiser.
  10. And I will have an office by 2019.  



Say it until you  see it. You have to speak those things that are not until they are. There’s power behind words. You can’t continue to do the same things and expect different results. That’s crazy. Don’t talk yourself into a depression. Find inspiration in everything! Take care of the things you have now, in order to get into a rhythm for the things you want in the future. Wear that outfit you want. Clean your room, car, house, etc. Work yourself into that office space. Don’t continue to worry about the things you can’t change. No, do not forget your past, but also remember your future . 

This week’s Challenge:

I challege you to write 10 things down. Then set a date for those 10 things, and watch how your life changes. We will be great together. 

Post Your lists to social media, and #MondayMark™️. Then follow us on Instagram and twitter to keep up with your progress.