The Man With the Mask.

The persona. The man wanting to be a legend. Insecure, depressed. The introvert exploited by his persona to be one of the most etraverted people you’ve met.

Mark, the name itself carries a rich history of drug use, drug selling, gang affiliation and violence. Tucker, furthers the inadaqcies of being a genuinely loving person, so the names together push the people they love further, the more we love the closer we are to forcing them out. This hides the fact how sorry we feel for the people who love us, sorry that we can’t be the people we want to be for you.

Junior, a replica of who’s stated above, tested with either the same or a completely different environment to see if the prior subjects were just screwed up because of their surroundings, (the wrong place wrong time effect), or if genetics cursed the men from the beginning. But a Jr. isn’t a clone, they’re a mutation of the men before him; whose broken up-bringing influenced seldom queer-like thinking, from the longing of a strong male role. The missing link in his life. Whose sensitivity believed to be from the concentrated womanly influence, whom later shown to be an unreliable character in this man’s life due to his later distain for this character after frequent occurrences of sexual exploitation, and a perverted introduction of what pleasure was. That later grew into a overdeveloped sex drive, proven to be a thorn into the paw of this young lion.

For the woman he now shares his love for expressed discontent, and distrust due to his frequent advances. Later becoming barriers of agitation that try to slow him from furthering his commitment to her. In which he combats with excommunicating himself from any overly stimulated relation to women, because of his current, and ongoing distrust of peer women. He then hides...

He then hides.  

He hides behind his moniker. The moniker he swore will protect him.  

“If they don’t know my name, they won’t know me.”  

They don’t know me... 

 “They don’t know me.” 

They know him. They love him. He is charismatic, funny, and confident. He’s loyal, and honest. He’s brave. And most of all, he doesn’t exist. Never able to betray or attack who created him. He’s my friend.  

(XXX. - Kendrick Lamar) 



*For more effect I will start to feature the music that plays in the background as I write.