The Ex.


Two companions. Bonded together by love, for life. Yet the scales of compassion gently tipped by infantile urges driven by a scandalous secret; she had a love of a close friend, a brother even, of the man was committed to. A dark love lead by the lust of power and influence, disguised by a yerning to get to know who's close to him. 

His passion put out by the flood waters of adversity who's diamond had not shown yet, regardless of the pressure. 

"Not a big deal." He said.

Whilst the disinterest had grown in her. In secrecy, he's grown more envious of his friend. Scathing attitudes hidden by his false reality. Nevertheless he buried his sins among the facade the love triangle provided for them. Until...

Until, the love affair had swelled into a clouded web of lustful desires that could only be fulfilled if he was no longer in the equation.

"A separation!" They concocted. 

However, knowing how upset, and sometimes volatile the man could be at times, they've decided that maybe a breakup wouldn't go as smoothly as the two thought it would. After all, the relationship had already seen 10 years, 6 if you only count the years of commitment. 

"We could run away together." They assessed. 

But the idea of a world that their affair could not be found out, let alone with modern technology, be located, it would be impossible. Over time, the adulterated love had grown so much that the very sight of her boyfriend angered her. His voice made her cringe. His touched repulsed her. And the more she had grown to hate her man, the more she had loved her secret lover. And then...

And then they conjured up the most heinous offense of all. A decision that could quite possibly erase the remembrance of a past union. His anger, fear, and wrath could all be cooled by the chilled hand of Grim. Sorrows drowned out by the mute silence of the everlasting...

To Be Continued.