Constant Key. (Stay in YO lane.)


Recently, I've been having a lot of difficulty maintaining a consistant schedule, finding motivation, and an emotional balance. And I find it logical to continue to go off course when direct prosperity tends to be a no-sho. This frustrates me. It makes me feel out of control, and I seem to be at a wits end. Lately, I’ve been learning how to remain consistant, and how to not be easily influenced by whatever I see. I’ve also been also attracting myself to people who seem to remain consistant. From taking in content from The Joe Budden Podcast, to the insatiable antics of Fatboy SSE, I’ve just been learning how to be more consistant.   

However, I have a lot of trouble where I see something I like, want, envy/idolize, and my plans have to then change immediately because if my peers are prospering, and I’m not, that means that I’m automatically doing something wrong.

Fortunately, that’s hardly ever the case. We all have our own roads. We all have our own things we’re passionate about, and that even though they may be similar, our individual choices can bring us to very different places in life just off the simple fact that we are all different human beings. Run at your own pace, embrace your on pain, and in the words of one of my favorite role models, Lavar Ball...