Mark's Mental Breakdown.

Recently I've been feeling like I've been in a void. Like I've just been floating around waiting for life to end. I'm ready to exist, and help others so I could make my stamp on society.

I'm opening up aboutmy mental illness in order to help my generation. In order to help, reach, and connect with those that who can help me through this process. 

I've started a personal vlog, and channel on IGTV. I hope that you find it informational, intriguing, and helpful. You can view my testimony below.

The Second pt. here.

Hi, my name is Mark Tucker, and I've been struggling with mental illness for a while now, recently I decided to start a journal of how I'm dealing with anxiety, depression, and my diagnosis as a whole on a daily basis. I started a channel on IGTV titled Mark's Mental Breakdown.