An Open Letter


A once protector, now needs protecting. I'm sorry that I've fallen; I haven't forgotten my promise. I'm still praying.. I mean preying on the predators that once preyed on me. I'll one day lead my pride one day proudly, and all the thanks is to you for leading yours to the best of your ability. Yea, do not yet rest, and settle, strive for which is yours. That stunts growth, which stunts happiness. Don't be afraid to be alone, for it is the female lion that does the protecting, and killing.

Old wise one, You have done well. Thank you for weeding out those set to kill me who wanted to start a new pride. Thank you for welcoming me to be free. Your advice, your prey, your attention. Hold on, your protection is coming. I'm sorry for where you are now, I feel it's my fault. You've provided refuge for so long, and inspired me to be great until it rendered you helpless, now your haven is where you never were; alone. 

Your fearlessness inspires me. Your strength encourages me. Your vulnerability restores me. I hurt when you do. Let me clean your wounds as you once did mine. I hurt a lot, still. But I'm doing a lot better and you should too. Don't use crutches, handicaps, or safety nets; they're excuses to wallow in your pain, and in the end you'll be unhappy. Let your greatness roar. For all the distractions will scatter. Then grow. Hunt. Nurture. Repeat.

Big Cat, the alpha has gone, and you realized it was you doing this on your own all along. Congratulations, and my condolences I'm happy and sorry for your lost. Grow, enrich, and advance. As you progress, you'll realize that nothing has changed, but the size of your pride; its grown. Rejoice. 

Young lionesses, don't cry, no one blames you. You scrambled after losing that perfect streak, now's the time to live and let live because you have young cubs to raise. Your greatness is still feared. Your presence is still revered, and there's still a watchful eye on you. Ready to learn. Let your resilience be your light. For the two under her, learn from the former's mistakes. You are budding roses in a field of daisies.