Be the New You.

This past Friday I had the wonderful opportunity to be the keynote speaker at the Rutgers NAACP 1st annual Minority Entrepreneurship event. I was in awe of how taken the audience was to my message and vision for my company. 

One particular guest took so much to my presentation that his comments at the end prompted me to return to my home state of New Jersey and begin my mission. I was ever so moved to see the passionate responses of some of the guest. I think this event empowered me more than I empowered those I was called to speak to. This opportunity lead me to notice how powerful it is to create something. You can have an already existing thing, and you can maintain it, but in order to create something it takes focus, it takes originality, it takes skill and passion, and most importantly, creation takes purpose. 

When God made man there weren't any arms laying around; there weren't any feet he stumbled upon, or any heads laying around. When Man was created, he was made from clay. Creation is directly linked to divinity, there is an intimate connection between the creator and it's product. And this is my product, my mission, my goal, this goes much deeper than fashion. I want to create a whole new economic development. This is me. 

Thank you Rutgers NAACP, and all in attendance.  

It's time for me to be the new me.  



1st Annual Minority Entrepreneurship Event, March 24th 2017

Rutgers New Brunswick, Piscataway New Jersey