8:33 pm.

Best of both worlds, in the mix. Where are you? You arrive with strange smells, intermix. Dishonesty, disloyalty, disproven for all to see, but why me, why now. Car accident crash, how bout now.

Suicidal thoughts, attempts in my past, homicidal thoughts is the balance that made me last. Free form, open to be me. Mark Tucker, the sinner free from hypocrisy. Dark secrets untucked, enveloped feelings unwind, should’ve cut the tape when she hit rewind.

The shrinks labeled me, the churches abled me. I saw it all come down, what happens next? Reconstruction around town. New year, new me, statements and resolutions filled with hypocrisy. Why then why now, what’s my next step? I just hope I can rewound. Where are they going, where are they coming from, where are those who wanted to help? The dreamers, the doers, the ones who stood back and helped.


My rock and my fortress, savior untuned, it hurts me so much to see your gospel misused. Community orgs pimped out for money. From the sizes of arcs, Shut down during disaster, it makes me question who some of these pastors call master. Corruption at large, racism undermined, Mark Tucker, (those like me), will be the only ones reminded. Why does this rhyme, it’s supposed to be a free write? Although my people been rhyming since before they were free right? It’s in my blood, in my genes, in my blood, on my jeans. The blood in my genes, dark history spooking me. From gangbanging to internal violence, no one there to save me. Darkness fallen, faces untuned, could only see the sunshine slightly before noon.

Mark Tucker, free write 8:33pm