There's more than one. Losing my life, dying in sin. They picture me losing relationships; losing my best friend. They push others away, and draw some closer.

One wants to restore what once was. 

Torn between missing out, and losing security.



Falling, into that deep spiral, repairing the path that once trapped me.

One introduces me to failure, while the other chokes my ability to accept it. One taught me drug use, the other prompted sex. Disguised as lucid euphoria, I withdrew, then doubled down on the moniker.

They tried to kill me, then almost did. And created the facade of sanity that brought me out. Damaged Psyche?


Fans of the beach.. Bigger fans of the current.

Enemy? Friend?

Cool comforts of the Sun,

The fiery displeasures of water.


It's the most paralyzing of illusions. 

Mathew 6:34.