Mark's Mental Breakdown.

Hi, my name is Mark Tucker, and I’ve been struggling with mental illness for a while now, recently I decided to start a journal of how I’m dealing with anxiety, depression, and my diagnosis as a whole on a daily basis.

I started a channel on IGTV titled Mark’s Mental Breakdown. Where I will be sharing a daily journal of my life dealing with mental illness.

I hope to help, #connect, and teach people about the natures of mental illnesses. And what it is to deal with them on a daily basis.

Thank You.


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Constant Key. (Stay in YO lane.)

the twenty-somethings can be sort of a scramble, but as long as you remain consistant, and continue to build yourself, I think we’ll all be fine. 

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 #ICONS ‼️‼️‼️ In light of the holiday I decided to write a post about influence and its affects on our everyday lives. I hope you all enjoy it‼️🎶✌🏿👌🏿🗞📚📝

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The Russell Simmons Story.

A story of sexual abuse form the eyes of the abused. A story that shows what happens next, and how choices landed them where they are now. 

I also want to bring attention to fear and suicide, as these are struggles that many people face whether they are the abused or abusers, or even the people who care for both the individuals of both parties. 

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