The Life vs. "The Life"

Stop spending time trying to be who you want to be, rather than working towards who you need to be. 

Example: Wasting your time rolling blunts in the studio, halfway completing a song does not make you an artist. If you claim a craft, any craft, do it! If you can sing, sing, if you can act, act. Stop trying to live the life you want to live, and start living the life you need to live. I've wasted so many years planning and fronting. Planning and fronting ideas that I've could've acted on years ago! This very website could have been completed in 2015 when I started it!!! Before then I acted with a want mindset , now I act with a need mindset. It's time for YOU to act on your needs, NOT wants . Don't wait anymore! Tim Notke said it best:

"Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard." (Not Kevin Durant, don't kill me just do your googles, lol)

Exhibit A:


See he clearly said it was his favorite quote.


My point is, stop trying to be the person you want to be and start working toward the person you want to be. This is and will be the smartest, most innovative, most entrepreneurial generation ever!  And you don't want to miss it.




Edited by Lauren A. Casildo.