The Russell Simmons Story.

From the Eyes of the Sufferer.

A door closes, two more open. A dark room filled with fear and pheromone. Two beings, two end goals. Pressure, influence, experience. Slight force applied to the wrist, they tell you not to be scared. (The cursor blinks, as one wall breaks.) Both vessels losing innocence and gaining "experience." 

"Is this what you want?"


A pause of breath.


Arousal peaks, and the predator gains access though their biological permission. The exchanges of breath; one of satisfaction, the other of paralyzing discomfort. The senses are heightened, a climax is reached, one of euphoria, the other of despair. 

The body is an open book, and is read differently. 

Filled with guilt, repression begins, from that you find remission. Both souls mentally utter, 

"It didn't happen."

After disaster, peace sets in, the real damage doesn't come until.. One day you're walking down the street, and you meet someone. Bonding begins, then dating, then intimacy; there's a cool breeze in the room. You're laying up, and your beloved whispers, "Is this what you want?" You freeze, they begin to mount you and then, they grab your wrist, adrenaline fills where love and excitement is supposed to be. You scream, and shake uncontrollably. "What's wrong?!" , they exclaim. Wonder fills your brain. As the shaking continues, and all you can do is whisper, "Please, stop." (As tears roll down your eyes.) Days go by and that's all you can think about. Depression sets in, 

("I'm damaged.") You think.

Anger is all you feel now. Sex becomes troubled. Anger fuels it, sadness follows. Advances with your partner become erratic, bizarre even. Your decisions follow. Anger fueled, and fear driven, you wonder how you got here. One decision made, multiple lives affected. The people you meet now affected by your unsung debasement. Small triggers, followed by big ones lead to your demise. Threats to your well-being follow.

Death, is a common theme. Whether written in text, or whispered, from a small voice by your bedside. Your abuse comes on an instant reply loop of infamy as you reach for your prescription. Now two choices lie as your partner rests, final peace as your love ones live in mourning, or constant binges of hysteria, broken by days of exhustion. 

Now You Choose;


Based on a true story.