Be The New... Us.

The day of the fresh start. Monday is a new beginning, another chance to make a change for improvement. Here at Monday Mark & Co. our motto is to "Be the New Me".

Continue to build yourself and others will follow until the economic power of our society will be at an #iconic level. Our mission is to boost the American economy by simply just investing money, and time into the inner cities!

At Monday Mark & Company we believe every urban area is a gold mine. Due to the cost effective real estate, large population, and rich history of being the birthplace of many successful people; I believe that investing money, time, opportunity, and resources back into the communities will improve unemployment, bring value to the American dollar, decrease crime, and most importantly improve the economic structure of America.


The Monday Initiative

The goal of this Corporation is to rebuild and restructure the urban communities of New Jersey. We feel that if we bring opportunity to the more densely populated urban areas, that it'll have a positive influence on the American economy as a whole.

Introducing the Monday Mark & Company five-step system:

  1. Create jobs.

  2. Promote consistency.

  3. Build futures.

  4. Boost community involvement.

  5. Encourage hope.

Creating Jobs

Bringing jobs back to our communities will promote a healthy environment for the state of our society. Monday Mark & Company not only plans to bring business to the major cities of New Jersey, but we also plan to refurbish existing businesses as well. We also plan to create internship opportunities to who've completed high school and seek an entrepreneurial career. 

Starting with Monday Mark & Co. and its affiliates we plan to bring both white collar, and blue collar jobs back to our community, from entry-level to corporate. We want to do this by first headquartering in Trenton, NJ then begin our mission in investing into education and bringing hope to our youth in our community. 

lower trenton bridge


Creating consistency

Monday Mark & Company understands and values the role that religion, and a house of worship play in a community. Providing people with hope, and a positive outlook, and more so, a sense of discipline and routine, we focus to rejuvenate and restore the Abrahamic houses of worship in the community. To continue the dynamic of hope in our communities.



Building Futures

In which we focus on informing kids, (grades k-12), about college, and careers. Soon offering Career & College readiness program where we teach, train, and mentor young males about how to carry, conduct, and convey themselves in specific situations. We'll have to start small, but soon hope to send thousand of kids to college, and thriving careers.

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Community involvement

Boosting Community Involvement

Increasing positive interactions between first responders and the community will promote a positive representation of authority, and decrease tensions amongst the community. We aim to run a mentorship program between the police and fire department whereas one can "spend the day" in the others shoes, enabling both sides of the community to experience a day in the life of one another. To get a better understanding of perception.

Furthering Hope

Affordable housing is pivotal in up-and-coming areas. However, affordable housing is meant to be a temporary living situation, and can become crippling to the community if used as a crutch. We plan to renovate and restore affordable housing, and get thousands off the streets by getting those to enlist in an financial, emotional, and mental health incentive program; where they can find employment, learn financial literacy and learn to cope with internal and existential problems.